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08th Jan 2015

Feeling Weight Conscious? You Probably Won’t Like This Suggested New Holiday

Don't worry, there are still some kind words out there though.


If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, how would you feel if a friend told you they thought you were fat?

That’s exactly what one weight loss expert is suggesting, campaigning to make January 8th the national ‘Warn A Friend They’re Fat Day’. The controversial move is being suggested by weight loss presenter Steve Miller, who currently fronts the ‘Fat Families’ TV series.

Believing the initiative could save lives and tackle obesity on a wider scale, the outspoken TV personality said:

“I know that the word fat sounds harsh but when you use that word, people take notice – if you wrap the issue up in cotton wool, it doesn’t work.
“This day is about saving lives, it is absolutely not about humiliating people.”

Presenter Steve Miller has suggested a new day ‘aimed at tackling obesity’

The move has outraged plus-size rights campaigners, including the first plus size print publication SLiNK magazine – who feel the national day will do nothing to address the mental health issues associated with weight gain.

SLiNK editor Rivkie Baum has hit back at the proposal, and instead is suggesting the launch of the #YouAreFab campaign, which she believes will change the conversation and fat-shaming by media of certain body types:

“They are told it everyday by the likes of Katie Hopkins, men in white vans and general passers-by. Fat people are reminded as they walk along the street, past store windows and stores they can not shop in.”

Instead Baum is looking to start a movement which promotes body confidence by asking men and women (of any size) to tell a friend a real compliment on social media and include the friendlier hashtag.

And the response?.. Well the trending hashtag speaks for itself.

We’re loving the messages of body confidence!