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18th May 2022

Deborah James says she’ll be ‘flying high’ when her book comes out

The book will be released in August.

Deborah James has told fans that her book will be published sooner rather than later, although she believes that she will not live to see it in print.

The podcast host is receiving hospice care after ending her cancer treatment recently. James was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, and was told at the time that she had just five years to live.

After telling her followers that she does not have long left, Deborah set up a fundraiser, which has already amassed over £6 million for Cancer Research UK, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and Bowel Cancer UK.

Last night, she announced that she had written another book titled How to Live When You Could Be Dead.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “So I’ve got a few things to share with you before I die that I’m gutted I won’t see in real life! But now I’ve been granted permission to share them and I’m really excited!”

She explained that she spent the past two years writing it, and it details her experience in learning how to have a positive mindset despite the cards that she has been dealt.

Deborah told her followers that the original plan was to have it released in January 2023, however, Penguin have allowed her to publish it on 18 August.

“It is still long after I’m flying high, but hopefully a little less longer for you to wait,” she wrote.

Book sales will generate funds for the Bowelbabe Fund. All of Deborah’s royalties will be distributed to Cancer Research UK, and Penguin have “agreed to make an additional contribution per book”.

This means that £3 per book sold in the UK will be donated to the cancer charity.

News of Deborah’s book comes just days after she was awarded a Damehood by Prince William.