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13th Jan 2015

Let The Beat Drop! New Survey Finds Musical Training Can Improve Executive Brain Function

"It may actually help set up children for a better academic future."

A study has revealed that children who are trained in music from a young age may have improved executive brain function.

According to the study, which was carried out at Boston Children’s Hospital, people who were musically trained from a young age for two or more years had more active cognitive skills.

This included problem solving, behaviour regulation and the processing and retention information.

“Since executive functioning is a strong predictor of academic achievement, even more than IQ, we think our findings have strong educational implications,” said Nadine Gaad, senior study investigator.

“Our findings suggest that musical training may actually help to set up children for a better academic future,” she continued.

“Our results may have implications for children and adults who are struggling with executive functioning, such as children with ADHD or the elderly.”