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01st Jul 2012

Bridal Hunger Games is the Extreme Diet Taking America by Storm

Brides will do anything to be slim on their wedding day but this extreme diet which has taken over America's East Coast is a leap too far.


It’s wedding season and brides around the country are surely feeling the pressure! The summer always brings us the delightful news of the latest crazy fad diet. We all remember Jennifer Aniston’s venture into the Baby Food Diet and Beyoncé’s meager existence on maple syrup and water but we were horrified with news that The Bridal Hunger Games has taken over America’s East Coast. Desperate brides are queuing up to undergo this costly diet, which involves inserting a feeding tube into your stomach and consuming a small bag of liquid nutrients a day. The tube is inserted through the nose, down the esophagus and into the stomach to facilitate the 800 carb-less calories, which hang from a bag on the participant’s hip for a total of 8-10 days before the wedding.


The K-E diet was first brought to light in April by The New York Times and has turned into a monstrous phenomenon stateside. The treatment costs about €1200 for a 10 day course and can cause a person to lose more than 25 pounds in a little over the week. Brides are taking in their dresses by up to two or three whole sizes in a matter of days.

Doctors and dietitians in America are highlighting the serious dangers of this crazy diet as the side effects include kidney stones, severe dehydration, migraines, constipation and dizziness. And of course a drastic loss of body fat.


Call us crazy, but how embarrassing would it be to walk around town with a feeding tube up your nose and a weird bag of gunk attached to your hip? Everyone would think you were properly sick and anyone who undergoes this treatment definitely has worrying body image issues. The most important factor of all this is how desperately hungry you would be! I’d give myself about 18 hours on the diet before tucking into a Big Mac (okay maybe three).


The Bridal Hunger Games is not the only 2012 diet horror story. Desperate dieters are ordering tapeworms on the Internet and consuming them as part of their daily routine in an effort to shed a few pounds. The creatures greatly interfere with normal digestion, absorb all of the calories and literally eat away at everything you put in your stomach. The worms can make you extremely ill and nutrient deficient along with other disgusting side effects. When the pounds are lost the worms are killed with a strong course of antibiotics.


Of course it is your prerogative to look beautiful on your wedding day but it is more important to enjoy yourself and after these drastic treatments you’d most definitely feel and look absolutely terrible and probably be puking up slimy worms all day. If you aren’t happy with your weight, lose it the healthy way because the long-term effects of these dangerous diets will never be worth it.