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26th Nov 2016

Thieves steal $30K of Nutella in Canada

Do you know someone who loves Nutella THIS much?

Do you know someone who loves Nutella THIS much?

In what is one of the most confusing car heist stories we’ve read in a while, thieves were reportedly found with 30 thousand dollars worth of Nutella.

An investigation into a criminal gang in Toronto, lead investigators to come across the truckload of the hazelnut spread in a warehouse, along with about $5 million worth of stolen goods, such as cars, drugs and weapons the Toronto Star reports.

Bill Dhaliwal, 60, accused of being the ringleader of the gang was arrested along with 22 others accused of being involved in a $5million organised crime ring.

No exact details of how the Nutella heist came to be were revealed, we suspect a container of the spread was mistaken for something more valuable such as drugs or weapons, or perhaps the criminals just really really like Nutella.

“I’ve never seen an investigation that did spiral into so many directions,” Detective Sgt. Paul LaSalle of the York Regional Police said.