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03rd May 2016

There is a new way to eat your avocado and it’s beautiful

Avocado rose anyone?

It’s almost too pretty to eat.

Avocado roses are the latest trend to take Instagram by storm and it involves making your avocado into a beautiful rose display.

Plenty of people have put step by step guides on Instagram as to how you perfect the avocado rose which should turn out like this:

All you need is a perfectly ripened avocado, a sharp knife and a steady patient hand.

You cut the avocado in half, take out the stone from the centre and remove the skin.

Once you have a clean half you place it on its back and slice tiny slithers all the way along it. Once you have a perfectly cut avocado you gently spread it out like a fan.

Take the outer part of the new fan shape and twist it inwards, bringing the rest of the avocado with you as you go. 

This will create the beautiful rose like shape.

It’s one sure way to impress any brunch or lunch guests you have or it could be a great accompaniment for dinner.

One obstacle you could come up against when creating your perfect avocado rose is that it might not be ripe enough, but fear not, we’ve got you covered on that front.