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23rd Mar 2017

Sushi donuts are a thing and we’re FULLY obsessed

Mmmmmmmmmmmm all the sushi.

We love donuts, and we love sushi! If you put them together, you’d probably be ill.

No, we’re not suggesting you eat raw fish and confectionery, but sushi donuts are a real thing, and they look outstanding.

A different kind of donut ?? Happy weekend! ?

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From our Instagram stalking, we’ve deduced that these sushi donuts aren’t traditional donuts and it’s more the shape of the donuts that warrants the name (phew).

The idea originates from Project Poke, a sushi restaurant in California, just WAIT till you see how they make them…


We are making an all-out plea, that either one of these opens in Ireland ASAP, or the sushi restaurants of this fine nation up their game.

They also do sushi burritos, we’ll just leave this here…