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23rd Sep 2021

This sauce sachet hack is a game changer for eating chips

We’ve been doing it wrong all along.

Sauce sachets are inconvenient to say the least, especially if you’re eating on the go.

Not only is squeezing the sauce out a messy ordeal, but you can never quite seem to get it all.

Apparently, the simple answer to avoiding inconvenience and waste has been right before our eyes all along.

TikTok user cookiterica shared the convenient tip in a video titled ‘IMPORTANT FRENCH FRY HACK.’

She explained how simply tearing the packet down the side allows you to dip the fries right in, resulting in your very own DIY pot.

The food influencer told viewers she would use this hack with her young daughter to avoid mess.

“When Morgan was little and we would go through the drive-thru, we taught her to take the ketchup packet and tear it down this way, and then when you open the packet, she could dip the fries right in there,” she said.

The TikTok has received over 4.4 million views and 540k likes.

“This video changed my whole life,” one user commented.

“So you mean I could have been doing this instead of not having ketchup with fries when I’m in the car?” another user said. “Thanks for the tip!”

Plenty of commenters were quick to point out that in the UK and Ireland, sauce pots are available in McDonalds. However, not every fast food restaurant offers these, so cookiterita’s tip is still a handy hack to keep in mind.