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19th Jan 2021

Nutella Biscuits have arrived in Ireland

Our Lord and Saviour Nutella Biscuits.

They’re here, and they’re just as delicious as you’d expect.

Nutella is the ultimate comfort food. Ideal for dipping into when you’ve had a bad day, a questionable week, or a shitty year (yep), the delightful, chocolately, nutty spread is the condiment that dreams are made from.

Over the years, the product has appeared as a dupe in many, many forms, but it’s never been quite the same. It’s lacked a certain je ne sais quoi – namely the actual Nutella, but now an actual new Nutella product is coming to Ireland and yes, we are excited.


Nutella Biscuits are the world’s first official biscuit to contain a creamy heart of the much-loved chocolate hazelnut spread. Coupled with a crunchy golden baked biscuit, the new biscuit first launched in Italy and proved so popular that one in three Italians reported eating them.

James Stewart, Marketing Director for Nutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said: “After an extraordinarily successful launch in Europe, where many shops in Italy and France completely sold out, we’re thrilled to be bringing our latest Nutella innovation to Ireland.”

“We’re confident that Nutella fans will love the delicious taste and enjoy sharing their Nutella Biscuits with loved ones,” he went on.

The biscuits are available to buy in either a tube or a sharing pouch, with the latter having already hit most stores across the country. They cost €3.50, whilst the tubes will be launching from February and will cost €2.50.