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21st Jun 2018

New coffee cup campaign launches in Dublin called ‘Don’t Be D*ck’

Olivia Hayes

It’s very tongue in cheek.

A new coffee cup campaign has launched in Dublin to try an encourage coffee drinkers to be more environmentally aware.

Most disposable cups you buy in coffee shops around the city are made from paper with a plastic lining to make them waterproof in order to hold liquids, and therefore they are unsuitable for recycling.

The ‘Don’t Be Dick’ campaign wants to highlight how careless we can all be with the coffee cups.

Fionnghuala Ryan, Executive Environmental Scientific Officer, Waste Management Services at Dublin City Council, said: “These cups cannot be recycled in Ireland and can only be disposed of to landfill or incineration.”

“A recent trial of segregated waste bins in Dublin City centre found that coffee cups contaminated all waste streams, so this presents a major litter problem for all local authorities.

“It also helps minimise waste being created, which in turns helps to make our Dublin a cleaner and nicer place for everyone.”