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13th Apr 2017

The nation’s favourite egg dishes have been revealed… just in time for Easter

We are 100% devoted to eggs.

Poached, scrambled, fried… to be honest as long as it comes from a chicken we’ll eat it. Online delivery service Deliveroo has compiled a list of the nation’s favourite eggy brunch options and it has us salivating at the thought.

Just in time for Easter, this is the perfect opportunity to take a break from chocolate eggs, maroon yourself on the couch and bask in egg heaven.

Sure what else would be doing of a Bank Holiday weekend.

Right enough nattering, let’s get down to it:

In 10th position, it’s Counter Culture and their 5 egg power omelette,



In 9th its Café à table with their 3 free-range scrambled eggs on sourdough bread,



In 8th it’s good old Eddie Rocket’s with their bacon and eggs Clonakilty with hashbrowns,



Freshi comes in at 7th with their ranchero burrito,



In 6th place, it’s Borlotti with their poachies,



Halfway there… and Ethos takes the 5th position with their eggs benedict,



In 4th place it’s Bobo’s with the jumbo Irish breakfast (can’t go wrong),



In 3rd place, it’s Doughboys with their bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich



The nation’s 2nd favourite egg dish comes from Cocu and it’s the full Cocu breakfast box,



And the coveted 1st place goes to Brother Hubbard for their bean classic… Mmmmmmmm




It consists of 2 soft fried eggs, cannellini beans in a spiced tomato sauce, turmeric-lemon yoghurt with pickled onions, hazelnut dukkah and sourdough toast.

Bow down.