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24th Jul 2020

M&S has brought out a new orange Aperitivo Spritz which is just what we need for the weekend

Anna Daly


It’s less than a tenner, lads.

So we’re already pretty big fans of Marks & Spencer’s cocktails in a can. They’re one of the few ranges of premixed cocktails that are actually really nice. Up to now they had 19 different flavours but now they have just released a 20th flavour and it sounds pretty darn delicious.

It’s a new orange flavoured Aperitivo Spritz cocktail and you can get it in either a can or a bottle, so it’s perfect no matter what level of classy night you’re having.

The cocktail is made with sparkling white wine and orange bitters and has been described as “slightly bitter with a sweet hint of orange and a light herbal flavour”. Sounds like just what we need for our summer evenings.

We’re already thinking about it – a few of the gals, some wine glasses filled with ice, and a bottle of this to get the evening started. The summer sun still shining (come on, Ireland, you can do it) as we sip on our ice cool Aperitivos. It’s a pretty heavenly scene in our heads.

Oh, we should also mention that they only used completely natural colours and flavourings. Divine.

The cocktail is 8 percent ABV, so more than what you’d generally expect from a premixed cocktail. It costs €3 for a can and only €7.50 for a bottle. Sounds like our kind of value, ladies. We’ll be picking up one (or five) for our weekend evenings. Delish.