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11th Nov 2016

We’re all moving to Italy to try the new McDonald’s Nutella burger

Can you live off Nutella? You can't find out unless you try.

Is McDonald’s introducing delicious food everywhere aside from the Ireland just to spite us? It certainly feels like it.

Japan has a katsu burger with cheese running through the middle, America has all-day breakfasts, and now Italy has a Nutella ‘burger’ on the menu.

It’s called the ‘Sweety con Nutella’ and it looks like a burger bun stuffed until bursting with hazelnutty, chocolatey goodness.

Now, we’re not saying you should all book yourselves on the next available flight to Italy just for this fancy re-named doughnut, but there’s no harm in keeping an eye out for cheap flights.

Can you make it at home? Maybe. Does it look and feel better to eat sickly-sweet food outside an Italian cafe with a top-quality espresso or cappuccino? We’re not sure why we even need to ask the question.

Oh, and it gets better. We’ve had a little look at the McDonald’s Italy website, to see what other goodies you can get out there.

There’s a sandwich with *pecorino* cheese instead of the…well we’re not even sure what cheese you get in McDonald’s sandwiches here.

There’s something called the Crispy McBacon, which sounds like the name of an everyman hero in a sandwich-based children’s movie.

AND there’s tiramisu!

That’s not even the best part… You’ll be in Italy, so you can do other stuff like get a really good pizza and pasta.

We’re just off to book those flights. See you in one Nutella-filled week.