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07th Mar 2019

Milkybar just launched a sweet treat you didn’t know you needed until now


Denise Curtin

Well, there goes lent.

I’m a self-diagnosed chocolate addict. I get a thrill from picking out a chocolate bar in the shop and I get excited when I remember I’ve one stashed in the fridge for my cup of tea later.

Sad, I know.

And when it comes to a new chocolate treat, I’m all over it like a rash. And so, Milkybar’s latest sweet treat is one I need to get my hands on ASAP.

If you like Milkybar’s white chocolate buttons but also enjoy milk chocolate ones too, well, you’re about to get your world rocked my friend, as Milkybar has just combined the two.

Milkybar Mix Ups go on sale in the next few weeks here in Ireland and will be exclusive to Tesco stores.

We’re already dreaming of mixing these with popcorn… can you just imagine? Drool.

This follows more exciting food news today, that Kinder Bueno’s chocolate ice creams are now for sale in Ireland – ahhhh.

Yesterday, a Spar in North Dublin posted a photo to their social media showing off the newest additions to its ice cream selection.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s freezing outside, why would we be interested in ice-cream?

I felt the same but I would happily risk some frostbite for these.

You can check them out here.