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21st May 2016

McDonald’s latest offering is so fancy we can’t cope


Posh nosh.

If brunch is your thing, you might be interested to hear that McDonald’s is now offering Eggs Benedict.

A far cry from Big Macs, the fancy schmancy dish is currently only available in Taiwan.

However, if it proves successful, there’s nothing to say it won’t become a menu option across the board.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 13.22.32
Image via McDonald’s Taiwan

According to Brand Eating, the new dish is part of the Big Breakfast platter which also includes hash browns, a seasonal salad and a hot or cold drink.

News to us also is the fact that the NYC Benedict Bagel (basically Eggs Benedict in a bagel) is a standard option in New Zealand.

Now I’m starving…brunch anyone?!