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02nd May 2017

If you like macaroons then you will love this Dublin course

Brought to you by Cooks Academy. 

We were in heaven.

If you love macaroons half as much as we do,  you will understand that there is just something about those perfectly round little meringues filled with delicious ganache that just makes them so darn amazing.

We love nothing more than munching through a whole box after visiting our favourite macaroon shops at the weekend (and no, we don’t feel guilty about it either).

So, when we heard about the fantastic Macaroons Workshop at Cooks Academy we just had to go along to try it out. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint.

The course, which was on Tuesday evening, ran from 6.30pm-9pm at their premises on South William Street. When we arrived, we were taken into the massive kitchen in the Academy and each given our own workstation.

Then the fun part started. Our lovely chef Darina talked us through the recipes for Swiss-style macaroons and we were each given a set of instructions to follow. Thankfully, making the macaroons was a lot simpler than we thought it would be (having a chef on hand for whisking emergencies was very handy).

Macaroons safely in the oven, we then learned all about making the perfect ganaches to go inside, dark chocolate and hazelnut, white chocolate and pistachio, and passion fruit and vanilla. And yes, they tasted just as amazing as they sound.

Once they were assembled, we got the chance to decorate our macaroons before (very carefully) taking them home. Needless to day they were swiftly scoffed before bedtime.

Along the way, we got the chance to pick up lots of handy tips like how to make a parchment paper piping bag, how to correctly create a bain-marie, and the best way to fold a mixture.

Throughout the course, the chefs were more than helpful and completely tailored the experience to everyone’s skillset, so don’t worry if you have literally zero baking experience.

The next Macaroons Workshop is on Tuesday 27th June. If you’d like to find out more you can book here.

This article is brought to you by Cooks Academy.