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19th Feb 2018

Ikea is introducing a veggie hotdog really soon and we are gagging for it

ikea veggie

Is there anything better than a veggie hotdog?

Some might argue that yes, a meat-based hotdog is better than a veggie hotdog, and those people are very much entitled to their opinion but we would be slightly inclined to disagree.

After all, it takes more love, effort, and affection to careful pack some plant-based, soya goodness into a sausage shaped container than it does to stuff in… whatever hotdogs are passing off as meat these days.

Sure look, each to their own.

And each will truly be able to get their own this summer at Ikea because the company is introducing a veggie hotdog to its menu and we are only gagging for it.

The dog is made from “100 percent plant-based ingredients” and appears to include a nice little bit of red cabbage and crunchy onions on the top.

The product is currently being tested out in Ikea Malmo, and once they get a bit of feedback on the hotdog, it’ll be launching in stores across Europe from August.


ikea veggie

A spokesperson for Ikea said: “Adding a Veggie hot dog to the IKEA Bistro range is part of our ambitions to include more plant-based ingredients in our food offer.”

They also added that they can’t commit to the hotdog being vegan just yet because some of the components may contain animal products, but that it’s a “work in progress.”

Ikea already offers a vegetarian version of their iconic meatballs, so it’s hardly any surprise that they’ve added the hotdog to this list too.

Our veggie prayers have finally been answered.