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25th May 2019

Sad news: some of our favourite cocktails contain more sugar than doughnuts

We’re fond of the ‘ol cocktail or two.

You can’t deny that there’s nothing nicer than sitting out on a sunny day with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the sunshine.

It’s the perfect time for a espresso martini or a strawberry daiquiri, however now it has been found that some of our fave cocktails have more sugar in them than a doughnut… not that we’re too surprised, but still.

With the rise of skinny prosecco and the likes, are cocktails really worth it?

Well yes, because they are delicious. However, if you’re trying to stay as healthy as possible then here’s a bit of info you should be wary of.

George Hamlyn-Williams, principal dietitian at the The Hospital Group who conducted the study said: “Drinking our calories is often a ‘blind spot’ that many of us are naïve to, or ignore. As well as being typically high in calories and sugar, alcoholic drinks often have little or no nutritional value.

“As most alcoholic drinks are exempt from nutritional labelling laws, it’s easy for people to unknowingly ‘drink their calories’ and consume excess sugar – which over time can lead to weight gain and can contribute to a variety of other health issues.”

Now, we’re not saying to stop drinking your strawberry daiquiris but it might be wise to cut down a little if you’re trying to trim up… or you know, you could just drink the damn cocktail.