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17th May 2021

You can get paid over €1,000 to review bottomless brunches in the UK

Sarah McKenna Barry

We all know someone who’d be perfect for this.

A company in the UK is looking to pay 10 lucky recruits £1,000 to test and review bottomless brunch restaurants.

Psydro, an online review company, is on the search for brunch aficionados to help them compile the UK’s top 100 spots for a boozy brunch.

On their website, Psydro spoke about how it’s not always easy to know where the best brunch spots are. As the hospitality sector reopens, the company saw the need to put together the ultimate list of bottomless brunches across the UK:

“We’re hoping to create a definitive list of THE 100 BEST bottomless brunches in the UK. To do this, we need your help.

“We’re looking for 10 people, all from different regions of the UK, to test a variety of the best rated ‘bottomless brunches’ in their respective areas (plus, we’ll pay you for it!).

“Yes, that’s right. We’ll pay you to brunch!”

They went on to say that the reason they’ve launched the programme is to help the British public “find the best spots, whilst supporting and recognising hospitality venues across the UK”.

They added: “It also turns out that a lot of you are currently searching for the best places to brunch in the UK, with a huge rise in Google search data around terms such as ‘bottomless brunch near me’, so we’re hoping this research will be helpful.”

On top of the £1,000 cheque, Psydro will, naturally, cover the costs of food and drink over the course of the programme.

The chosen applicants will spend one day every weekend for three months at various brunch spots, ranking them on service, quality of food, range of menu, environment and the overall experience.

As the job is UK-based, it seems it’s only open to UK residents over the age of 18.

For terms and conditions and more details on how to apply, head to Psydro’s website right here.