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24th Apr 2018

Blue matcha lattes are a thing and they’re even prettier than green ones

Jade Hayden

blue matcha

Everyone loves a good primary colour.

Whether it’s red, blue, or yellow, all are decent and all are definitely acceptable colours to make a latte with.

The most popular coloured latte (until now), however, seems to be the green matcha latte – and with good reason too.

It’s delicious, it’s got loads of antioxidants, it boosts your memory, and it chills you out all at the same time.


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Now though, there’s a new kind of matcha on the scene and although it doesn’t have quite as many benefits, it’s definitely at least as pretty looking.

If not more so.

It’s the blue matcha latte… and we need it immediately.

Look how pretty.

Look how blue.

Blue matcha is a bit different to green matcha in that it actually comes from a different plant and isn’t all that good for you really.

Well it’s still good for you, just not as good as green matcha.

Whatever. It looks pretty.

According to the blue matcha website, the stuff comes from pure clitoria principissae flowers.

It apparently has the power to improve cognitive function, assist blood flow, bring down fevers, among lots of other stuff too.

Blue matcha is also decent for hair growth, reducing wrinkles, and is even an aphrodisiac.


As it stands, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in Ireland currently offering the jaunty coloured drink just yet.

But if the power of the green matcha popularity is anything to go by, we hopefully won’t have to wait very long.