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27th Mar 2018

From best to worst… what Easter eggs have the most amount of calories?

We were SHOCKED by number one!

Olivia Hayes

We were not expecting this.

To be honest, who cares about how many calories they eat at Easter? It’s a day for chocolate (as well as Christ rising and all that) and we want to stuff our faces with as many Easter eggs as possible.

However, some chocolate eggs have WAY more calories than others, and we were pretty shocked to find which one is at the top of the list (mainly because it’s our fave).

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Wren Kitchens conducted a survey to find the worst offenders, and it’s certainly giving us some food for thought.

So, with the likes of Easter treats, Wren Kitchens found that the Malteser Bunny is the healthiest choice, coming in at 156 calories.

And the worst offender? Well, it’s the Lindt Chocolate Bunny, with 1,100 calories in one single chocolate rabbit.

Moving onto medium Easter eggs and it seems like the Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Egg is the least calorific, with just more than 650 cals, while the Lion Bar Retro Easter Egg has… 1,029. Ouch.

And now, onto the XL Easter eggs. Coming in first place Smarties Orange Mini Egg Easter Egg with 1,260.

But the worst of all, with nearly three thousand calories is the Cadbury Chopped Nut Egg, with 2,977 cals.

You can take a look at the best and worst offenders on the chart below… but one thing’s for sure, it won’t stop us munching on chocolate this Easter.