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07th Jan 2019

Aldi to sell vegetarian white pudding and our bodies are so ready

Hook it to our veins.

Look lads, it’s 2019, and that means that chances are if you’re a vegetarian and you miss meat, a decent meat substitute won’t be hard to find.

Sausages? Everywhere.

Burgers? Yeah, mate, get it.

Chicken nuggets? You better believe it.

The veggie market is only getting more and more populated with delicious meat-free treats as time goes on, but there was one thing that our no-animal palates were missing – white pudding.

The staple of any decent fry up, a big ol’ hunk of pudding is pretty much a necessity when it comes to hearty breakfast deliciousness – and from this week, you’ll be able to buy an entirely meat-free version of it from Aldi.

And it’s award winning too.


Kelly’s Butcher’s vegetarian white pudding will be dropping into Aldi stores across the country from January 10 – and what’s even better is that it’ll only set you back €2.29 for a 280g chubb.

Honestly, just cook the whole thing up and let us chow down on it. Please.

The veggie pudding is high in protein, low in fat, and made from a soya base and a mix of delicious spices to give it that traditional pudding-like taste.

Kelly’s launched the vegetarian pudding two years ago but this is the first time it’ll be available in Aldi.

So, got any plans for January 10 or?

Image via Kelly’s Butchers.