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25th Apr 2020

45 tasty recipes to make the most of your tinned food stockpile

Admit it, you panic-bought some foods you’ve never used before just as the Covid crisis was taking off.

Wanting to stock up on non-perishables is understandable – but has resulted in many of us having an oversupply of ingredients we’re not sure how to use.

Don’t stress. We’ve gathered dozens of our favourite recipes to inspire you to make something tasty out of all the random bits in your cupboards.



These guys are packed with protein, making them super filling and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you can do with them.



These are similarly versatile and nutritious. You can even use the liquid in the tin as an egg substitute in vegan bakes.



Beans are having a moment right now so get on board.


Tinned tomatoes

Cheap, tasty and handy, tinned tomatoes are an absolute pantry hero.


Tinned fish

Can’t face another boring tuna sambo? We’ve got you.