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17th Aug 2014

WATCH: Six-Year Old Does #IceBucketChallenge To Support His Mum In Hospital

This is one brave boy.


Ianto may only be six years old, but he’s already a little hero.

The brave little boy followed the lead of thousands of online challengers this week, by completing the #icebucketchallenge.

The trend, which sees people pouring ice-cold water over their heads and posting the videos online, was originally started in the US to raise money and awareness for motor neuron disease. It has since been adopted by the Macmillan Cancer Support charity in the UK to fundraise for the group.

Ianto is the youngest person to complete the challenge yet, and he’s doing it to support his mum in hospital who is battling skin cancer.

Speaking to Macmillan Cancer Support, Ianto’s father, Shaun Gustard, said:

“He’s a really sensitive kid and when he went to see her [his mother] after surgery he was very upset – it really knocked him for six.

“Ianto is naturally very kind and caring, so when he saw me do an ice bucket challenge the day after he’d been to see her, he asked if he could do one too, for his mum. I thought it was a bit mean to put ice in the bucket so we used cold water.

“Macmillan have been a huge source of support to Jane so we’re really proud of him and hope he’s made a difference.”