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24th Jul 2012

Toy Story Is a Must-See Film for Children

Toy Story has topped a list of films that psychologists say children should watch in order to learn vital life lessons they won't get in school.

Psychologists say that every child should watch the film Toy Story before they reach their tenth birthday.

When asked by LOVEFiLM to draw up a list of the top ten films children should watch, child psychologist Dr Kairen Cullen got to work.

According to reports this morning she asked thousands of adults what their favourite films were as children before picking out the ones with the best life messages.

Toy Story topped the list followed closely by the Lion King. Other films that made the top ten include Home Alone, Labyrinth, Neverending Story, Matilda and Up.

All of these films are said to educate children about life issues that are outside of the school curriculum.

Dr Cullen explained this further: ‘These lessons relate to emotion and relationships… Therefore, it is key for parents to choose films that help support their child’s development and learning at a young age.’

The list also proves that some films just never get old and will continue to be passed down through the generations.

Editor of LOVEFiLM Helen Cowley said, ‘This list of great films from across the decades demonstrates just how many parents go on to share the movies they enjoyed as children with their own families.’

Speaking of which, take a trip down memory lane…