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06th Feb 2013

The “Thing” They’re All Doing In The Yard: One Irish Mum’s Letter Home From Primary School

We know kids go through phases and fads, but there might need to be a chat about this one...

We all remember our own fads from the yard that we probably wouldn’t have told our parents about, friendship burns anyone?

But this is the letter one Irish mum received home from her 8-year-old child’s primary school, alerting parents to the craze of the “ninety nine”.

The letter describes how kids are picking an area of their hand or tummy and scratching it vigorously until a sore is evident. Many of them are becoming infected.

The most worrying thing? Some kids have admitted it is to show “their love for Justin Bieber”, showing that a sick social media joke can make its way to the playground fairly hastily.

The letter was posted by irishelectionliterature on the award-winning blog, The Cedar Lounge Revolution.