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02nd May 2013

The Best Guilt-Trip We’ve Ever Seen: Frustrated Son Gets Even With His Dad

Not going to lie, we were in stitches when we saw this!

If you have children of your own then you’ll know that they have a secret power:  guilt-tripping adults and making them feel super-bad.

Don’t believe us? Just check out this note that one child left his Dad. A Reddit user promised his seven-year-old son that they would have a special “father and son” day. However, this Daddy was so wreck that he actually ended up sleeping in on the day in question.

Let’s just say that his kid wasn’t impressed and left him the above note. Here’s what it says just in case you’re struggling to read it:

Dad remember

Father and son day

Not Father sleep’s [sic] on his bed day

Understand this day [picture of dad and son] not this day [picture of dad sleeping].”

The note elicted a LOT of responses from fellow parents on

“What most people probably won’t understand is that this was drawn at 5:30am,” said one user.

“True story. My son insisted we go outside and play soccer this morning. At 6am. With no coffee,” added another.