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08th Jul 2012

Second Hand Baby Gear Will Save You A Bomb

We have been window shopping for some perfect second hand baby things that will save you hundreds!

Having a baby in a recession can really stretch your finances to the brink and we all know that little surprises can sometimes come at the worst times. It’s hard to imagine that your little bundle will cost you a fortune but nappies, formula and childcare soon become big chunks out of your paycheck and it can be a struggle to make ends meet. You’re not the only one and we’re here to help! Car seats, buggys, highchairs, cots and babywear are daunting overheads at the beginning but your baby is not going to notice that any of these necessities are second hand. We are huge supporters of because we love a bargain especially when we’re short on cash. There is no shame in looking for ways to cut some corners. We have spent the morning online window-shopping to show you just how much you can save on your baby necessities. Having a baby is stressful enough without worrying about your finances so it really is worth considering going down the second hand route!


Baby Clothes

Your baby won’t know whether they are wearing a clown suit or a babygrow so spending a fortune on babywear is hard to justify. Babies grow so quickly and soon they will not fit in those lovely Next dungarees you bought only a few weeks ago. Buying clothes secondhand can be worrisome but as long as you run them through the washing machine before using them they should be perfect. We’ve found many great offers online but the best we’ve found is two large bags of girls baby clothes ranging in size from newborn to one year for €100. The ad states that most of the clothes are from Next, Mamas and Papas, Benetton and Disney so the haul is great quality. We’ve been researching and the price of these bags will get you about four baby outfits in Next. Frankly, we don’t think your baby will care if they are wearing last season’s trends.


Baby Accessories

We’ve found a baby swing and walker for only €70 and they are great little accessories that some moms swear by! Sex and the City fans will know that moms can’t live without ‘the chair’ and we’ve found a vibrating bouncer for €20 on which will save us at least €40. Delighted!


Pushchairs and Car seats

Shopping for a buggy is hard and some models can be truly extortionate. We’ve found some great pushchair travel systems that double for infant car seats and will last you for years. We’ve discovered a Graco Travel System on for €120 and we think it’s a steal. As the dealer has recently had to succumb to a double pram the travel system is only a year and a half old. We’ve had a look around Mothercare and found that the latest model of this system will set you back €229. Saving a hundred quid is always good in our books!



Mothercare’s cot models range in price from €129 to €259 depending on how elaborate you want to go. We’ve found very simple wooden cots and mattresses on for less than €60 but if you’re looking for something more practical in the long term there is a great selection of second hand cots that can be converted into toddler beds when the time comes. Our favourite is only €150 and is in great condition so we recommend that you get on and have a nose!