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29th Jun 2012

Oh Mama: Evanne Ní Chuilinn on New Motherhood

In her first weekly piece for, RTÉ's Evanne Ni Chuilinn introduces us to the new little man in her life and tells us how, once he appeared on the scene, everything changed.

Just over 13 weeks ago, I met a man and fell instantly in love – truly madly deeply.  Now, before I’m accused of displaying all the signs of a “smug-married” mentality, (which I am not by the way), let me tell you that this was a tiny little man.  He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and measured just 51cm, but he made my heart explode, such was his power.  My little boy arrived into the world on March 30th 2012, staring frantically and silently around the operating theatre, trying desperately to take it all in, for fear he’d miss a trick!  And he’s still at it.  My little man is a curious and happy little wriggler, but I think his Mammy has learned more about life than he has since his dramatic arrival, if that’s at all possible! 

My name is Evanne Ní Chuilinn, I’m a Sports Journalist by profession, but more importantly, a first-time Mum.  A dazed and confused first time Mum, mind you.  Like lots of ladies in my shoes, I’ve spent countless hours on various online forums and blog sites since this time last year, when I first found out I was expecting.  I have so many questions, frustrations, and fears about whether I’m “doing it right”, but I also have daily episodes of pure hilarity, and so I’ve decided to keep something of an online diary about the rollercoaster that is becoming and being a Mum.  (I’m talking to myself all the time anyway, either in my head or out loud – I figure I might as well reach out to some like minded or curious ladies – and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two along the way!) 

When my little man was 2 weeks old, he went through a phase of regurgitating every second feed.  It terrified me, and like any naive but well-meaning Mum, (i.e. clueless), I thought he’d starve.  (I shouldn’t have worried; he looks more like a 4 month old than a 2 month old!)  I made a call to a friend who’d had a baby 3 months before me, and I can’t tell you the wave of relief that washed over me when she responded with little more than a knowing sigh.  

I’m just 10 weeks into what I can only assume will continue to be the most challenging and rewarding life lesson.  What I’d like to achieve with this blog, is to reach out to all the Irish Mums who are asking the same questions as I am, and wondering what it’s all about.  If I can create even a ripple of relief in your pool of Motherhood Madness, I’ll be content.  

If you’re expecting your first little one, you could do worse than to be prepared for what lies ahead.  I intend to be brutally honest, warts and all, about everything from that first pregnancy test – my experience wasn’t always plain sailing!  If you’re a new Mum like me, I hope you’ll drop by here now and then, even if it’s just for a dose of reassurance.  And if you’re a more experienced Irish Mammy, please get in touch and keep me on the right track – or close enough.  We are not Super Women. 

Chat next week friends xx