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03rd Jul 2012

Is Your Teen ‘Sexting’? Study Shows That Thirty Per Cent of Teens Do!

An American study has shown that up to thirty per cent of teenagers send each other sex fueled texts and emails.

Thirty per cent of teenagers regularly ‘sext’ and send nude photographs through email and text, an American study has revealed.

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch found that fifty per cent of teenagers have been asked to send a nude photograph to another while over a third have requested a naked picture to be sent to them.

Dr Jeff Temple, Assistant Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology who lead the study said teens that are sending each other sexual content are likely to be involved in a sexual relationship.

“Sexting is a prevalent behavior among teens and it may be a fairly reliable indicator of actual sexual behavior,” he said.

According to ABC, the teenagers who took part in the study were boys and girls aged from fourteen to nineteen. Fifteen to sixteen year olds were proven to be the most active ‘sexters’.

The study found that teenage girls who regularly send and recieve provocative texts are more likely to be involved with multiple partners and take alcohol or drugs before sexual activity.