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17th Jul 2012

Heading on Holiday with the Kids? is Here to Help

Packing bags, Ryan-air check-ins, sunburn disasters, crowded beaches and desperately trying to feed a picky brood away from home can actually make you want to tear your hair out.

With kids in tow, summer holidays can be overwhelming and stressful. Whether you’re travelling abroad or tearing around the country we have some tips to help you relax and enjoy your holiday like you deserve.

  • Organisation is the key to reduce stress on your family holiday. Purchase a little notebook and make lists of chores you need to do before the holiday, products you need to bring with you, travel information and also some activities your family would like to do on holiday. Research the place you are visiting and jot down the addresses of restaurants and bars you think look nice. This will save you time aimlessly looking for somewhere to eat. Menus and prices are often available online so you can choose somewhere within your budget and child-friendly. Organising yourself will make you feel more prepared for your trip.
  • Make sure your travel documents are perfect. Triple check that you have everyone’s passports and boarding passes. Keep them in a plastic folder to keep them safe and organised.
  • Sunburnt children are a real holiday wrecker so it is really important to protect them from those UV rays. Always use a high factor sunscreen on kids and if your children are particularly fair it is advisable that they wear a light t-shirt at all times on the beach to protect their back and shoulders from burning. Don’t forget about protecting feet with sunscreen! They are the easiest bit of the body to skip out on and are extremely uncomfortable to burn. Babies under 6 months should always be kept in the shade so it is advisable to bring an umbrella or a buggy with a hood. Suit up that baby in a sun hat to protect their sensitive skin.
  • Before you leave for your holiday, sit your children down and explain to them how important it is to stay together during your trip. It is so easy to glance away for a moment and lose your child in a mass of people on a crowded beach or a busy airport. Explain to your kids that if they get lost from your family they should seek the help of the nearest lifeguard or other uniformed security. If they are capable, they should know your mobile phone number in case they get lost so that they can contact you. For smaller children, you can buy some iron-on labels for their clothes with your number, just in case.
  • It is expensive to eat out every night and if you are staying in a self-catering apartment it’s easy to visit the local supermarket and buy something nice to have for dinner. Something easy is always better. Burgers and a nice salad is a great supper. The last thing you want to do on your trip is to spend hours at the stove! Pack lunch for the beach to avoid unnecessarily spending money on expensive sandwiches and drinks. Preparing your own food is a great way to have a budget holiday.
  • Have some time for yourself. If you are travelling with a partner have them mind the kids for a couple hours and take your cheesy novel down to the pool or beach to treat yourself. It is important to steal sometime away from your children to relax. Allow your partner to do the same and it will make you both enjoy the time with your family even more.