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14th Sep 2014

Expecting Father Gets Signed Off Work With Morning Sickness… After He Grows Breasts

Well this was one thing they weren't expecting...


An expecting father has been signed off work after he started suffering morning sickness and developing breasts, in a rare condition that saw him sympathising with his fiancée.

Harry Ashby even began to develop breasts as a result of Couvade syndrome, a syndrome where men experience the same pregnancy symptoms as their partner.

The 29-year-old admitted he hated the feeling at first, but now thinks it is helping him empathise with the struggles his partner Charlotte is facing:

“I hated the feelings at first but now I think every man should go through it because it helps you understand what your missus is facing.”

Partner Charlotte Allsopp spoke of her confusion at the body changes her partner was experiencing:

“‘I’m glad he is experiencing this because it shows him what it is like. But I do get a bit tired of looking after Harry when he is meant to be looking after me.

“My breasts were getting bigger and so were his.”

Ashby, who was signed off work for his nausea, with his boss saying:

“…me and the lads did laugh about it’.

Story via Metro UK