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15th Jul 2014

Daddy’s Little Princess – Father Claims Piece Of African Desert To Keep His Promise Of Making Daughter a Real Princess

Maybe we'll book a trip to the Kingdom of North Sudan...


It’s easy to say your daughter is a princess, but one man made it his mission to keep a promise to make his little girl real-life royalty.

Jeremiah Heaton, from Virginia, has claimed a piece of land between Egypt and Sudan for his 7-year old daughter Emily, who dreams of being a princess (while sleeping in her custom built castle bed).

The father adopted an 800 square mile stretch of desert in north-east Africa, otherwise known as Bir Tawil, after he conducted an online search for unclaimed areas of land. Heaton’s efforts to claim the land included travelling to the remote spot and planting a flag in the ground.

Kingdom of North Sudan

The flag featured a family crest and was designed by his three children.

The new royal family will include Princess Emily, and her two brothers Prince Justin and Prince Caleb.

They’ve also settled on a name for their country – Kingdom of North Sudan.

Now all the new royals need is for Sudan and Egypt to recognise the land as their Kingdom of North Sudan. Oh, and the United Nations and neighbouring countries.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t start a war…

princess emily

Images via Metro UK