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12th Oct 2014

Couple Charged With Neglect After Baby Dies In Crib Where She Lay Alone For 16 Hours

The child had not been to a doctor in seven months.


A couple in the US have been charged with felony neglect, after their daughter was found dead in her crib.

Adam and Jasmyne Alexander, both aged 21, has put their nine-month-old daughter Avarice to sleep on her stomach at 8.30pm on Saturday night and failed to check on the infant until she was found dead at 12.30pm the following day.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair began drinking when Jasmyne returned home from work that night and did not check on the child at any stage over the course of the night.

It’s also believed that Avarice had not been to a doctor in seven months, despite suffering from difficulties in breathing for four weeks before her death.

Hours after she died, a crowdfunding page was set up online by Avarice’s aunt to raise money for her funeral.

The couple, who live in Virginia, were subsequently arrested and have been charged with felony neglect.