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04th Jul 2012

Celebrity Babies are the Luckiest People In The World

We can't help but be jealous of these famous babies. They've been to more places in a few months than we have in our lives. When will we get to go to St. Bart's? Here is our list of enviable celebrity bambinos.


Imagine waking up in your LA. pad, personal chefs waiting for you downstairs, the pool gleaming outside your window and David Beckham in a deep sleep beside you. Bliss. This is the enviable life of Harper Seven Beckham who spends her days being carried to Paris, London and New York fashion weeks and spitting up on her miniature Fendi dresses. My hair was ruined on the way to work today in a hazardous, frizz-inducing downpour and photos of this lucky tot exploring Disney World on the shoulders of her hot dad did not cheer me up. It would be fabulous to be a celebrity baby. We wouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of rain in LA. and if a crazy name is the only price to pay for Tiffany bracelets, walk in wardrobes and having Oprah as our godmother then that’s okay with us. We know it’s wrong to be bitter towards babies but these are some celebrity sprogs we can’t help but envy.

Blue Ivy Carter

Daughter of pop queen Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z this New York based baby is bound to inherit both talent and beauty. Her passport has already been stamped in Paris, Dublin and celebrity hotspot St. Bart’s. Kelly Rowland reportedly bought baby Blue a €4000 Swarovski crystal studded baby bath before she was even born. Wel Jel.

Mason Dash Disick

At the tender age of three, the son of Kourtney Kardashian has already achieved our dream in life. He is an E! Network Star! Born into the crazy multi-million dollar Kardashian Empire, we drooled over pictures of his Wild West themed second birthday party where he got to ride ponies and blow out candles on a gigantic cowboy hat cake at the celebrity packed venue.

Samuel Garner Affleck

Being carried around New York in the buff muscular arms of Ben Affleck sounds like the perfect way to spend a childhood to us. With movie star parents and an uncharacteristically normal celebrity name, Sam is one lucky tot. He joins the couple’s other children Serephina (6) and Violet (3).

Moroccan and Monroe Cannon

We’re jealous of this terrible twosome. The sprogs of diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have already hosted their first black-tie event. The designer clad twins were showered with gifts at the party in Paris, including a toy Ferrari and a miniature piano. Sigh.

Zachary Furnish-John

His dad is Elton John. Need we say more?

A tot we don’t envy

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is due her first baby in September and this is one celeb tot we don’t envy! Don’t get us wrong. We love Snooki and all the ‘meatball problems’ that come with her but we don’t think we’d get any sleep in the Jersey Shore! GTL and DTF are not baby friendly activities!