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11th Aug 2012

Brazilian Mother Names All 15 of Her Children ‘Walter’

This woman didn't need a baby name book, she had her decision already made.


Choosing your new baby’s name has to be one of life’s toughest decisions.

Analysing the name from every angle making sure funny initials can’t be mocked in the school-yard or avoiding names that could rhyme with any unflattering body parts you may have, and the child may be unfortunate enough to inherit…

One Brazilian woman took the easy option.

She named all 15 of her children after her husband, Walter.

Erotides Brandao may have made raising the children a tougher task, but decided the name-choosing should be kept as simple as possible.

The Brazilian mother promised to name her first child after her husband, Walter, but after the first child, Walterlucia, was born, he decided he wanted all the children named after him.

The couple from North-East Brazil had nine daughters and six sons overall.

Here comes the list…

Walterlucia, Walterlivia, Walterlenia, Walterlonia, Walterlacia, Walterluzia, Walterluana, Walterangelina, Waltersilviana, Waltermanuel, Walterluis, Walteroliver, Waltermarcelo, Walterlicinio and, finally, Walterfernando.

They also have 33 grandchildren who are also called after their grandfather, after it was decided to continue the unusual tradition.

Erotides, 88, whose husband died in 2003 aged 81, told Brazil’s Globo G1 website; “He asked to put his name on all of our children. I didn’t know so many would come, but we never knew how to say no to each other.”