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06th Jul 2012

Bon Bebe’s Controversial Babygro Is Upsetting Parents Stateside

A babygro with a picture of a bikini clad body has been deemed inappropriate by parents in Minnesota.


A babygro with a picture of a bikini clad body has caused controversy in the USA this week.

The baby body suit, which is manufactured by Bon Bebe has been labeled inappropriate and provocative by parents in Minnesota, according to the Action 5 News.

“I just think it’s ridiculous that you would put this on your child,” one mother told a reported outside Gordman’s, a store stocking the controversial garment.

Another man told the news station that he would never let his baby wear the onesie because it “gives people the wrong idea.”

We’re not sure what to think about this babygro. Is it funny or just plain inappropriate?