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26th Aug 2012

Back to School Costs Cripple Parents’ Finances as New Survey Shows It Costs €620 Per Child Every September

The cost of sending children pack to school is staggering with parents forking up over half a grand per child every year.

September is a dark month for many parents and latest figures reveal that it is not going to get easier.

According to The National Consumer Agency’s latest survey, sending one child back to secondary school after the summer can cost up to €620.

It costs an average of €487 to send a primary school child back to school.

The agency revealed that parents have to shell out between €150 and €250 on books alone for their children every September.

Irish parents are struggling with back to school costs

Annual uniform shopping pinches parents’ pockets and sets them back €190 for primary school children and €206 for secondary school-ers.

These costs don’t take into account gym gear, school copies, pens and pencils, lunch boxes and school bags.

According to The Irish Sun, spokesperson for the National Consumer Agency Ann Fitzgerald said: “We would urge parents to not feel pressurised into buying the most expensive school items for their children, especially where these items may end up getting lost or only lasting a short period of time.”

Is your family struggling with back to school costs?