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24th Dec 2013

“Yippee-Ki-Yay!” The Essential Christmas Film List

You will need to watch at least five of these over the festive period...

You’ve got all the shopping done, the fridge is full and that all-important turkey is prepped and ready for the big day, there’s really nothing else to do now except jump on the couch and start watching some amazing Christmas films.

1. Love Actually

Your essential Christmas film, with its various stories and heartbreaking bittersweet endings for some, Love Actually is just a wonderfully sweet Christmas film.

2. Gremlins

Christmas films don’t have to all be about the cheer! Why not watch the Gremlins wreak havoc on a town? Christmas all wrapped up.

3. Die Hard

Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas film.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life

How about not only discovering the joy that is Christmas but also life in general? Yes, It IS a wonderful life!

5. Bad Santa

A thief and his friend pose as Santa and his Little Helper in order to rob shops at Christmas. This shouldn’t be as funny as it is, but is hilariously brilliant.

6. Elf

Yes, it’s on the kid’s list but who doesn’t like Elf? The answer is no-one. NO ONE!

7. Scrooged

Bill Murray plays a TV executive who gets haunted at Christmas by three spirits. Who wouldn’t want to watch ANY Bill Murray films at Christmas?

8. Home Alone

One for the kids certainly, but Home Alone really captures the essence of Christmas and being part of a family. It also helps that the script is just brilliant.

9. An Affair To Remember

Not essentially a Christmas film, but that all important scene happens at Christmas. Romantic and wonderful, you will just want to hug the screen.

10. White Christmas

Some performers team up to save the Vermont Inn, however the most important thing here is Bing Crosby sings!

11. The Snowman

Memories of childhood (and the Post Office advert) will come flooding back as soon as you see this again. Incredibly sweet but incredibly sad.

12. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Alright, alright, so it’s not really a Christmas film but you may need to have a break from the heavy Christmas and watch something a bit more light-hearted with a connection to Christmas! This is your film.

13. Just Friends

The most important comedy on this list, Ryan Reynold’s character Chris returns home at Christmas with the hilarious Anna Faris even though he is still in love with Jamie! Cue amazing dialogue and general hilarity!