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26th Oct 2017

The X Factor is about to introduce a whole new way to send acts home

This is a big change.

Jade Hayden

rylan clark


It seems like this year, the X Factor is all about shaking things up and switching things around.

And why not? You got to keep people on their toes, after all.

We already know that the popular ITV talent show is planning on getting acts to perform across Saturday and Sunday night, but now they’ve revealed that they’re about to change things up even further.

… By getting rid of the sing-off.

The sing-off generally saw whichever two acts received the least votes sing for survival.

The judges then decided who would stay and who would go.

Now, however, the act with the lower votes will simply leave the competition and that’ll be it.

No sing-off, no judges decision, nothing.

According to the Sun, Simon Cowell thought that too much attention was being given to the acts who were leaving, as opposed to those who were doing well.

A source told the paper that:

“He wants to celebrate the best acts on the show rather than give screen time to the less popular performers who haven’t struck a chord with the public.

“It does mean though that there is little point in the judges being there, apart from offering their opinion. They will have no direct impact on who goes or who stays.”

Apparently, X Factor producers also introduced the change to ensure that they can keep people watching the show.