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23rd Aug 2021

Looks like Toby and Chloe have made it official on Love Island


The big day is finally here, it’s the Love Island final and with only four couples left, it won’t be long before our 2021 winners are announced.

And with three of the four couples somewhat official, it’s looking like it won’t stay that way for too much longer.

We all know how the final goes, the boys and girls are separated and asked to write out their feelings for their significant other which they later read to them.

Toby gets a text as the islanders wake up on their final day saying: “Islanders. Tonight, you will all attend the Love Island 2021 Summer Ball but first, it’s time to brush up on your dance moves. #salsasesh #savethelastdance.”

After learning a few dance moves, Kaz gets another text saying: “Girls. It’s time for some R&R. Please get ready to leave the Villa #spababes #feelgood.”

Heading off for a day of pampering, Kaz asks the others if they’re ready for their feelings to be put out on the line, to which Chloe replies: “No, I’m nervous! I’m going to give it a go, I’m not promising a sonnet but it’ll be quite nice!”

And maybe she’s right to be nervous as Toby has a big question up his sleeve.

Chloe starts, saying: “Toby. Who would have thought that me and you would have made it all this way? From the first snog on the terrace to the bootylicious challenge, it’s clear we’ve always had an amazing connection.

“I wanted to find someone coming into this Villa but I didn’t expect to find someone as amazing as you.”

It comes to Toby’s turn and he says: “I’m not the best with words but for you Chlo, I’m willing to try. While I read this declaration of love with those piercing blue eyes watching me, I know that if I look up I might lose all composure!”

But just before he finishes, he decides to ask a very big question, but knowing Toby, it could really be anything. We’re hoping for him to make her his girlfriend though.

Love Island finishes tonight on Virgin Media One.