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18th Dec 2017

This website will let you know what movies were made by sexual predators

The website's name is spot on

Olivia Hayes

This will come in handy.

It’s safe to say that a lot got unearthed in 2017.

Several women came forward to speak the truth about their past and present in Hollywood, which included an overwhelming amount of sexual misconduct and assault allegations.

And now, this new website will tell you whether or not sexual misconduct allegations have been made against a star or crew member in a TV show or movie.

Aptly named Rotten Apples (we love what they did there), you will be able to see if movie is a ‘fresh apple’ or ‘rotten apple’.

All you have to do to find what’s fresh and what’s not is by simply typing the movie/series you want to watch into the search bar and wait and see if it comes up clean.

One of the creators of the app told Vanity Fair: “I think the tool serves as a commentary on how pervasive the problem is. We’re trying to empower people with information.”

“It’s painful, so it’s been really interesting and maybe even a little cathartic to just sort of put this together and put it out there and just have it be a resource.”