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31st Oct 2016

7 minutes of new Gilmore Girls footage has been released

Too exciting.

Too exciting.

As the Gilmore Girls revival veers closer, more and more about the show is being revealed.

The official trailer was released a few days ago, which made us feel very nostalgic and little emotional.

Last weekend Entertainment Weekly held PopFest where 7 minutes of new material from the show was shown.

Some of those who attended it filmed the clips and shared them on Youtube for all of us eager fans to see.

It’s pretty blurry but it’s so exciting to see snippets of what the Girls and the rest of Stars Hallow are up to.

Be careful though, as these clips contain some minor spoilers.

One clip shows Rory moving out of her Brooklyn apartment back to Stars Hallow, another shows Lorelai, Rory and Luke wandering through a food festival in the town and another shows an awkward discussion between Emily and Luke which says a lot about the fate of the couple.

Less than a month to go before the revival is released on Netflix. November 25th can’t come quick enough.