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29th May 2016

VIDEO: Comedian Al Porter’s viewpoint on gangland violence in Dublin makes a lot of sense

Fair play to him.

The level of gangland violence in Dublin at the moment is frightening.

Since the Regency Hotel shooting in February where one man was shot, there have been six more murders.

This was a topic of discussion on Brendan O Connor’s new RTÉ show, The Cutting Edge, this week and comedian Al Porter was one of the guests.

Al made some very eloquent points when asked for his opinion.

He’s from Tallaght and made the point that just because people live in an area that some might describe as “disadvantaged”, this should not mean that they have to put up with violence.

“I know people, neighbours who are afraid to open their door at a certain time because they don’t know who’s going to be there”.

Spotted on, this is well worth a watch.