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24th Oct 2016

Two of our all-time favourite GBBO stars have been spotted hanging out in real life

This is just wonderful

Cassie Delaney

Our two favourite Great British Bake Off contestants that there ever was have been spotted hanging out in Somerset.

Selasi and Val were seen enjoying the sights of Wells. It’s likely that Selasi, who lives in London, headed to Somerset to meet Val who lives nearby in Somerton.

According to Somerset Live, Val is shocked by the amount of people that greet her in the street.

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“It is getting silly,” she joked. “I didn’t think I would be noticed.

“Every job takes longer now. Everyone wants selfies.”

Selasi’s exit from last week’s semi-final broke hearts everywhere but there is good news on the horizon as the charmer is set to open his own bakery.

Speaking to Radio Times he said:

“I do love banking but I’m hoping to open a bakery somewhere in west London in the foreseeable future.”

He’s also planning a food tour across Europe that will hopefully culminate in a cookbook.

“My immediate adventure however, is a motorbike/baking tour across Europe which I’m currently planning. I hope to share all the recipes I learn in a book,” he said.