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24th Apr 2015

Twitter Freaks Out At Sonia Singing in Thursday Night’s EastEnders

We can't say that we were expecting it!

Rebecca McKnight

It’s safe to say that Thursday night’s episode of EastEnders was an emotional one. That we expected. We didn’t however expect Sonia to start singing in the middle of Jim Branning’s funeral.

The Albert Square residents gathered to say goodbye to one of the soap’s favourite characters and while the standout moment probably should have been Dot’s heartfelt eulogy, everyone is sure to remember Sonia’s singing.

She stood up in the middle of the service and started singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way. It wasn’t long before the rest of Jim’s nearest and dearest joined in. (Go to 5:05 in the video to see the performance.)
Video via YouTube.

But while some thought it was a nice tribute, many on Twitter weren’t impressed. In fact, almost all of them thought it was a bit awful surreal.

Check out some of the responses…