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25th Jul 2015

Turns Out THAT Sky News Video-Bomb Was Not All It Seemed

We don't know what to believe anymore.

This week, two magicians appearing to spectacularly video-bomb a Sky News report went viral. 

However, it turns out the hilarious video was not all it seemed to be.

lies gif

In the footage, presenter Ashish Joshi is explaining opposition to David Cameron’s NHS reforms outside the Houses of Parliament.

Viewers soon noticed illusionist duo ‘Young and Strange’ hijacking the report by performing an incredible shrinking man trick in the background of the shot.

sky news

Those in the know may have noticed that the graphics on the report were slightly different than usual, and that the news report was in fact fake.

However, most people were shocked when Sky News later confirmed that it was actually a publicity stunt and that the presenter was in on the hoax.


The broadcasters tweeted “We’d like to clarify that the Ashish Joshi video with the magicians in the background is not a Sky News report.”

Turns out the last laugh is on us, then.