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20th Oct 2017

It turns out this is how Eleven escapes the Upside Down in Stranger Things

Not long left to go until season two.

Season two returns October 27.

There’s still a week to go until Stranger Things’ season two hits Netflix – and fans are eager for answers after that season finale.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven was last seen disappearing into the Upside Down after saving the day at the end of season one.

And while the show hasn’t tried to hide the fact that she’s returning for season two, the way that she makes it back to Hawkins was very…unexpected, to say the least.

The actress introduced the clip for London Comic Con and it’s not for the faint of heart.

It shows Eleven, dressed in her pink dress from the first season (but without her new curly hair from the promos), using her powers to open up the rift between the Upside Down and what could possibly be the real world.

But it gets kind of weird (and slightly gross) when the wall in the high school ends up “birthing” her, leaving Eleven sitting on the floor.

And while it’s not totally clear how she went from the slimy school hallway to chowing down on Eggos in the snow,  we expect there’ll be plenty of answers once October 27 rolls around.