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06th Feb 2018

The trailer for a Crocodile Dundee sequel that had EVERYONE fooled

Orlaith Condon

And people were NOT happy about it.

There had been rumours for weeks that a Crocodile Dundee sequel was in the works and after a lot of teasing and build-up, a trailer was finally released at the weekend – sort of.

Airing the “official DUNDEE trailer” during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, Tourism Australia told fans to get excited, saying:

“The wait is over. It’s the surprise no one saw coming (unless you’ve been on the internet during the past two weeks).”

Starring Australia’s own Chris Hemsworth and funny-man Danny McBride, the trailer set up the story of the original Crocodile Dundee’s son returning to Oz to explore his roots. However, halfway through the apparent trailer, it was revealed that it was all a hoax.

Yep, the video was actually an advert for Tourism Australia to encourage people to travel to the land down under and they had us all fooled.

The reveal left many fans disappointed that the sequel they had been getting excited about wasn’t actually happening at all.

However, it’s hard not to applaud the Australian tourism board for creating a killer advertising campaign.

Booking our flights to Australia ASAP.