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27th Feb 2022

Tommy Tiernan interview with Amy Huberman sparks debate

Sarah McKenna Barry

Viewers were divided.

Last night’s episode of the hugely popular Tommy Tiernan Show on RTÉ ignited debate on social media following his interview with Amy Huberman.

The Irish actress swung by the studio to discuss an array of topics, from her family’s Jewish heritage as well to her experience with motherhood.

However, the conversation turned to sex, and many viewers were left perplexed by the jump in tone.

The Navan comedian asked about her “relationship with sex”, before adding, “If it’s an unfair question Amy, we can leave it.”

Amy however, seemed happy enough to respond, and spoke about the importance of physical touch and love.

Over on Twitter, some fans felt that it was an uncomfortable moment.

One wrote: “Tommy had a very rare misstep tonight with Amy Huberman and a question about sex. Awkward to watch but she handled it well.”

Another said: “Mildly uncomfortable personal question from Tommy!”

A third tweeted: “Is Tommy Tiernan for real – would he have asked a male interviewee the same question about sexual intimacy?”

Others felt that there was nothing wrong with Tommy’s line of questioning, and that sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic.

One shared: “The beauty of Tommy Tiernan, is that he’ll ask questions others wouldn’t dream of asking. And invariably, he’ll get a response.”

Another wrote: “The Catholic shame rearing its head big time tonight. Tommy Tiernan asked about sex *gasp* Relax ffs! He asked Jack Kavanagh the exact same question last week. Sex isn’t taboo anymore. Amy didn’t have to answer and Tommy told her that.”

Others praised Amy for the interview, generally.

One fan wrote: “I’m a massive @amyhuberman fan & am always just left with the impression of her overall loveliness. No less so after a fab #TommyTiernanShow interview – even the sex question!”

Another tweeted: “The world could do with more utterly delightful people like @amyhuberman right now. There’s honestly few better mood boosters than just hearing her oddly soothing voice. Always a loveable screen presence.”